A lil'bit of this, a lil' bit of that... Angry Birds on two wheels !

    After showcasing the Yamaha SR with a Porsche cylinder ( here ) , Dan Almberg from Sweden, a dWrenched fan contacted me about his latest build. He was curious if his bike could make it on dW... After a quick glance over the pics I went ''f#ck yeah'' :)

    It so happened that Dan had a broken down Lambretta Luna he swapped with one of his friends for a basket case Yamaha SR project. Not long after that, some other friend had to sell his not running classic bike for a quick buck. So the parts list was kinda fat and Dan had plenty of options.
The old beater SR 500 got high compression pistons, light race cams and cooler wheels.

   After the engine issues was sorted out it was time for the frame to be chopped of. Milled pegs, tank cap, headlight bracket. And rear struts. Add 2 inches of foam as a set, for ''more comfort'' (...) .  From what Dan told me, tuning the cars was a bitch. But he managed to pull that one off in the end. The Supertrapp exhaust really gives a nice throaty, deep sound without being (so) loud.

   The baby blue paint chosen for the frame really makes it pop. It comes in great contrast with the brown hand levers, the bare metal gas tank or the black plastic tail. Or with the chromed rear turn signals. It's just a ''controlled'' chaos in there !

   Beautiful artwork on the gas tank by Cecilia Jansson . Done over some beers, Dan added.  The artwork really makes the whole bike special. From those birds I came up with the idea of the Angry Birds bike ! What a great name for this SR 500 Tracker (in my mind, of course) .

    Kudos to those who can pull off a period correct hot rod or motorcycle. And ROCK ON to those who don't give a sh!t about the whole ''this has to look like that, the other part has to look like this'' patterns. Thank God we're not all the same... oh, what a disarter that would have been !
You can check Dan's build up topic here

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