This ''custom culture'' thing doesn't know any boundries. Language or distance boundries. It's just a matter of  (personal) character. It's not something you ''choose'' ... it's something you ''do'' . The mutant presented today comes all the way from China. 

    This dWrenched creation was first shown by the motorcycle historian Paul d’Orléans via his Vintagent blog.  Long story short, the girlfriend of the builder met with Paul for an interview; one thing led  to another and what her boyfriend was building kinda came up.
    We can now dissect this bastard !    

       The Monscub was built by photographer Valen Zhou. MONSter plus CUB...
Cub because the donor bike is a  CB 125 Honda. Now this is the part I love the most... Besides the engine and the frame almost everything was made by Valen. The apocalyptic-ratty look from the unpainted/unpolished metal makes this little devil mad and mean.
The detail I like most on Monscub is the little fairing cut out in form of a cross. That's cool. And not because it imitates a cross... God no ! It's just... something else.
     Details like the Full-Fuck on the gas tank, the super small cafe-racer tail and the spring seat is a mash up of the Chopper-Bobber and Cafe Racer style. It looks like a mad scientist got lost in a scrap yard and had some fun while he was there.

      Nothing is hidden, nothing is covered. It's all there for you to see it. It's raw, barbaric and hardcore. I'm sure it's a pain to ride it and you'll end up with an omlet between your legs after you're done ''cruising'' . But I am sure it'll be a lot of fun, and that's all that counts; sometimes !

     ''This is my boyfriend’s first handmade motorcycle. This HONDA CB125 is from the first generation built in cooperation with a Chinese motorcycle company.
  He spent about 3 months rebuilding this awesome thing, and he thinks this is still not good enough.
When he was young, about 3 or 4 years old, his father gave him a toy motorcycle. He didn’t know what it was, just that it had two wheels and could move, so he liked it. The first time he saw a real motorcycle was in his grandpa’s neighborhood garden. It was a foundry product, Chang Jiang 750, made from the BMW design. He was so curious. Did the engine still work? What did that sound like? Who bought this? And what was the story about the man who had it? With the increase of age, he became so obsessed with motorcycles that he bought a Chinese Honda on his 16th birthday. He can still remember the feeling of freedom when he got on that bike for first time.

     He likes old things, because they always have a lot of stories to tell. When you come to understand old things, you know the quality of living and thought in that period. He can buy a motor anywhere he wants. Each motorcycle has its own story about the man who used to own it and ride it. It’s like a connection between the old owner and the new owner. Maybe the owners change but the stories are still there. If you want to get close to them, you can find so many surprises in them. He has an anxiety disorder, and building the motorcycle helped make him feel calm. The motorcycle helps him deal with anxiety, and he can fall asleep at night. Also, he doesn’t feel nervous anymore. He said one day he would build a motorcycle for himself and give it his own story. When he gets old, he can tell his son or daughter the whole story about his first handmade bike. And he has it done now. I feel that the motorcycle is like his soul mate. He can ride it to anywhere he wants to go. He can share anything with it. So the motorcycle feels like another ''him'' to me. From the first time we saw it, the motorcycle has been a part of the story of our life. He took it apart, and then put back together and gave it a brand new life.

     At the beginning of my boyfriend’s story, there was a little boy who just wanted a bike to ride. But now the boy has grown up and found his own lifestyle with his motorcycle. The story never ends, we never know what it will happen next. And that's why he keeps chasing his motorcycle dreams."

 -says Remo Chen, the girlfriend.

        Can't wait to see  Valen Zhou's next project !!!

Photo credit : Valen Zhou. 


  1. Every man needs a motorcycle and a girl friend like this man has!

  2. Love it,very cool.And nice to have a girlfriend that supports the builder.


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