So it looks like it's true... The Manbo Jambo I read a while ago about Harley making some new, smaller bikes finally happened. From what I read it looks like these two new bikes will be more for the Asian market... or any other ''crowded'' corner of the glode.

I don't like'em. At all.

   Not having a radiator inside the frame like all the jap bikes have; resulting in a clean looking frame was a strong point in my book for Harley. And then the sound. And the looks. And the ''heritage'' . This used to ''be'' Harley Davidson. These look like freakin Honda Magnas !

Long story short, if I wanted a small bike with an oil cooled engine and a fugly radiator (or just a fugly bike, plain and simple) a Yamaha Virago, for example, would have been the name of the game.
So from now on I guess the 883 sporties will be finally considered big boys toys ?! (lol) Not to mention about the other HD bikes with 1200cmc + engines ... Those are dinosaurs !!!
In my book the Iron 883 is the best entry level bike. Period. The looks, the engine, the whole package.  

In the second video you'll see 3 custom bikes on this new HD Street platform. They look nice... yes. But any bike can look ''nice'' once you decide to put a grinder and a cool idea up its ass !

ps: I'll neva tell'em where I live... cause I don't wanna see any of these bikes parked outside my home. EVER !

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