FU 2013, FU 2014 TOO, BUT WELCOME !

I swear I'll be breif.... !

   This f'in year flew by so freakin fast...
      I remember like it was yesterday; freezing my ass off @ Emat & having a hell of a great time... Then finally getting one of my old bikes; an '82 Honda working and riding it in the summer after 9 months of pain; The Flake & Flames movie is released and man-o-man what a cool movie... Here is Rafik Kaissi writing his own dWrenched article and PUFF !!! Here we are almost saying goodbye to o13..

Shit got done, lot of shit got undone or fucked up... I'm sure you know the feeling(s). It was another year of great achievements for me and dWrenched. Lots got done plenty more to do. Still have my bookmarks list full of cool stuff to post but I guess we'll just have to be patient for that to happen.

THANK YOU to all of you assholes. Like, share & subscribe keeps www.dWrenched.com alive. The bitchin' stickers will be soon available again, along with a few other cool surprises 0_*
 Thank you so much for the guys who slammed a dW sticker on their bike/car/son/daughter/etc. IT REALLTY MEANS A LOT TO ME. 

     Nuff talk, here are some bitches... HAVE FUN, SEE YOU IN 2014 !!!

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