Spotted this little ''freak'' at Custombike Show in 2013. The thing that intrigued me the most (besides its looks) was the fat rear tire. Just to be honest...
After that I heard that this it's also an electric powered design and kicks some serious power. 

       TEM01 was built by TEM as a general investor and Custom North who took care of the development and implementation part. If you hear for the first time the name TEM (like myslef) find out that TEM are the leading Slovenian producer of switches and sockets. So a cool chopper/custom/thingy with a cool design and an electric heart was a cool marketing idea if you ask me.

    As you can imagine all the bodywork is a one-off. Frame, handlebars, everything. Under the Batman looking cockpit there are some cool specs. Like efficiency of power 95 %, 530 Nm at 0 RPM and OOOOH 400 HP at the rear wheel !
Regeneration electrical energy when braking sounds also cool.
   ''Star Wars'' features like finger print to start, touch LCD dash, active full suspension make me think that the guys at Custom North found thier geek side. Special passive safety braking system (360 brake system). And a fat rear tire (250 is my guess).

       And just to be a douchebag (...) TEM01 looks like the ''good-nicer brother'' of APOCALYPSIS 7.3 built by  ED Special (click here to see the other ''brother''). No real connection between these two what so ever.

Custom North


  1. that was the stupidest fucking video i ever watched!!! 5 fkn minutes of hype and you can't even give us one shot of the thing MOVING?!! 400HP? i think 400 hyped up minutes of BS!!!

  2. I agree ?! I tried to find a video where the bike actually moves but... none! Sorry ...


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