Decided to do an article about the ''Nut Buster'' because of it's intriguing story.

  While it's not a fresh build (it was done a few months ago; November or so... hmmm... it could qualify for a ''fresh build'' though) the fact that it was built in 24 hours (give or take a few minutes :) ) made me decide on doing a dWrenched on it. And of course, the looks. Its almost retarded looks. What did not gave me ''wings'' about it was the info occording to the fact that Nut Buster was built for the Deus Bike Build Off.
   Now I don't have anything against Deus, they have some cool bikes in their shed... What kinda leaves me ''ehhh'' is the fact that Deus is not an actual bike shop; more like an OVERpriced hipster store BS kinda deal. Oh shit... I got lost on another path... Nut Buster, oh yeah. Sorry !

    What really hits you in the mug right away is the huge ''fairing'' caldren thingy. The front cowl is an industrial-bakery mixing bowl. The whole thang is a mix of Cafe Racer-Drag bike-fill-another-bike word-here-that gives-you-an-orgasm. It's simply ridiculous. And the wheelie bar is just a funny mockery.
Nut Buster was built by Mark Hawwa; the guy who does the Australian Cafe Racers, Throttle Roll and the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride. As it was mentioned in the original article on Pipeburn. (oh hahaha you got me ! 0_o )
    He and five other friends started building this bike. With as many (almost) free metal shit and parts as they could find. With almost o budget.

    300$ worth of an 2001 Honda CB 250 was sacrificed; an old shovel,  beer trays,  kids foam floaty, bread baskets, metal dishes and an old record player. Honda Z50 Monkey fuel tank for the rear cowl. The fuel tanks were built from Kawasaki W650 exhausts. How the f#ck you can not be amused and intrigued by sucha plan and vision ?!

   The bottom line is that these guys made the most with the least here. Nut Buster is a freakin crazy iron horse. It's an imagination exercise. And I guess it also busts your balls. The turbo works as an air filter by the way, don't get over excited (lol) . But like I said, it's ridiculous. Cool.

    ''We didn’t know if we would use any of the pieces but where limited to using only free parts that’s where recycled. The Nut Buster is about using parts that don’t belong on that section of the bike. The concept of our 24 hour build was to be spontaneous as well as creative and work together to make something completely in practical and  introduce some new ideas to the DIY community.''  -Mark Hawwa for Pipeburn.

Photo credit : PipeburnMy Media Sydney & Thomas Mann via Bubble Visor

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