Low, mean and serious as a heart attack...       

     I often find myself spending tens of minutes focusing on a bike...  Talking about like being in a trance for about 5-10-15 minutes when the world around me stopps only so I can admire a bike...chopper. Of course the world doesn't stop for me, but so it looks/feels like. In all those minutes I try to find all the details that certain bike has to show, tips and tricks the builder used or put into the machine. That's when I analize a ''chopper'' ... you know; clean look, peanut tank, rigid frame, a little rake and strech on the backbone. The ''usual'' suspect.
   When I came across this machine (cause I don't know how the hell to name it...) my mind froze. Now what ?!

     The details are simply amazing. And many. I could spend a whole freaking day to spot and lay down on a list all the details and many will still be missed. It's so much to take, to see !
It's ridiculous how detailed this custom really is...

    I really don't know how messed up Darek Gargas's childhood's has been or what kind of skeletons he has in his closet ( although he looks like a decent guy  :) )  ... One thing is certain: this custom is WILD.  Darek is the name behind the custom shop Coroner Custom Cycles in Poland. At heart, the ''bike'' is a 1992 Suzuki VS 1400 Intruder. Aaaand that's pretty much what was left from the original motorcycle.
    It's low, mean and serious as a heart attack.

      There are a few places where D's imagination really took off... Like the bullet holes inside the backbone of the frame, the crazy front suspension, copper gas tank under the backbone or the whole ''tribal'' cut-out seat pan mount (that I personally don't like). 
   Besides the in-your-face design choices that include brass, copper and the blacked out parts, some other tech choices can make a gearhead raise his eyebrow.
   The VS's crank shaft final drive was replaced with a chain driven tranny. To make the whole set-up cleaner the brake system was ''reversed'' . Now the brake disk is on the tranny side not at the wheel. Not what you see daily at your local bar.
To keep the radical feel all throught the back, the rear tire is a real fatty, 360mm. A copper rear fender slides over it like a stripper's short skirt. A skirt with spikes...  she's a goth-rock crazy chick !
All the bolts or fasteners ends are hidden or covered. Detail maniac at it's finest...

     The Hot Rod Bike ; sucha bad name for this crazy iron horse by the way, started collecting prizes and awards wherever it was displayed. The latest addition is the Best of Show at Emat 2014 in the Freestyle category.
Kinda sad I had to miss out this year's Emat edition...And this custom only makes me feel worse about it !

     Ok, I think I wrote a lot about how cool this custom is (or I think it is)... But the idea is really simple : The Coroner Hot Rod Bike is fucking insane !
I had the pleasure to write about another dWrenched Coroner creation not so long ago... remember Diesel Kunst ?  

Coroner Custom Cycles

Photo cred : CCC / dWrenched / Wild Magazine

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