You don't often get to see some rare motorcycles in real life. And you sure don't often get to see'em in a mall expo. Well now, guess what ? 

    The managing group of a certain romanian Mall continue to surprise me.  Gathering some of the coolest expos inside the mall's walls. If dinasours or Da Vinci's inventions are not your cup of tea, Mall Sun Plaza in Bucharest/Romania decided to show off this past weekend some cool vintage and rare iron on two wheels.

 Check the whole set on my dedicated  flickr  set.

    It was a treat for me to see these bikes si real life. I was also happy to see old people, kids and even women checking them out ! Last year, the same Mall exposed some cool Formula 1 cars, click here to see them.  

And get this ! Same weekend, same country (Romania), different city; Cluj Napoca.... Another in-mall bike show !!! Next time on dWrenched :)  

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