Sh!t's crazy son ....

  I'll keep my words to a minimum since I know you won't spend too much time on them, but rather checkin out the ''bike'' in the photos. And I know what crossed your mind at the first glance at this ...
 Words connected somehow with the word ''f#ck'' maybe  ?!

   Besides those PINK massive-goofy 30' wheels from Mad Wheels we actually have something cool here. The bike was built by Todd Anglani in Cooper City (Florida) for Tarso Marques Concepts from Brazil. Todd is the crazy cat behind the chop shop called After Hours Bikes. You knew the look from somewhere, no ?!

     If you can get over the wheels and actually look at what's between them; you'll find a bitchin frame (if you ask me). Besides makin' it work with the 30's, the frame is one piece of cool iron. Well, I know it took a lot to make the wheels fit and work with the frame; but nothing looks to be impossible in this ''age'' of big inch wheel baggers. BTW, fuck big inch wheel baggers !!!
 The speed-hole hot rod looking frame is handmade by Todd and it comes in a perfect combo with the banana springer. Air-ride front and back (what else, ey ?...)
Another thing that I really like about the Pink Boardtracker is how clean and perfect the engine fits and sits inside that farme. Man, it's like a good painting ! No unwanted ''dark sides'' or stuff hanging without purpose. Vision metal works gas tank. Fat katz rear fender and cool Moon oil tank.
   Engine ?! Fully chromed and polished 2014 Ultima 131' motor. Ultima six-speed tranny with an Ultima 2' open belt drive. Sad those ponnies won't be running wild anytime soon or...anytime free.
The bike took 8 months to be built.

   It's clearly a love-it-ot-hate-it situation here (weighing more for the second option fro most maybe) but f#ck !!! Without crazy stuff like these the world would be so freaking dull. 
I'd ride it ! With a full face helmet or a bandana :)

Photos : After Hours Bikes / TCM / Mike Campbell (last photo)

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