Here's another one I've been saving ''for the right moment'' ...

     And I as I learn in real life daily that there's no such thing, I decided to pull the trigger on this bad boy and just move on. Had close to 0 (zero) tech infos about it. I only knew that it was built by Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles. And that it's a freakin' wicked build. ''Sacrificed'' my 5000ish friend (sorry mother!@#$) and added Brent Hurst in my list.
   Proving that karma can also be a sweet b!tch, in minutes I was throwing at Brent q's and him giving me answers and bam bam a very nice interview was on !

dW G : Hey Brent, glad to have you online man. I'm doing a write up about Venus right now for dWrenched.com . Can you help me out with some tech infos please ? But first, tell me a little something about your shop.

Brent Hurst: Sure.  Hammer in Hand Custom Cycles was founded in the spring of 2009 by Ivan and his wife Michele. I joined them in fall of 2010. Ivan is the fabricator/ designer. I do parts and our mechanic Milt does service. We are in Saint Johns, MI. (25 miles north of Lansing). We have a full line of in-house produced custom parts as well as 6-7 aftermarket distributors and service all brands.
Love what we do and love our town.

We sell parts all over the world every day. Lots of leather work and seat building. We do the Baker Drivetrain calender bike seat for Burt evey year.
No job we can't handle.

G: Saw that on your of HIH profile.
B: If you can dream it up, we can put it on 2 wheels man!

G: Now let's talk about Venus...

   Photo set by AMD World Championship.

B: 1979 Shovel, split rockers with extended fins... Everything minus the running gear and braking was handmade by Ivan Iler here at the shop. S&S Super E carb. All leather work as well. 30 inch Model T rims and tires, hubs and spokes made here as well. Grips, pedals and pegs made of wenge wood from South America by our buddy Tim.

G: Venus is a good example of your level of skills and vision. How did it all started by the way ?
B: Venus is insane. 9 feet long! Ivan wanted to build an entire bike with the tires being the tallest part of the bike. It will roll upside down! It has all internal controls as well, the seat is also a Hammock. A first for Ivan. Very comfy.

G: Yeah I've read some comments of yours sayin that the ride is really comfy ?
Doesn't look like that...no way.
B: I have not ridden the Venus, but sat on it several times. You actually sit straight up like you are in a chair. The bars come back quite a bit, so it only looks like it would suck. After you sit down on it, you're like "oh, I see" !
G: Lol... 
B: Really nice riding position. My favorite thing about the bike is the front end.
G: How come ?

B: The front end looks like sections of farm equiptment! Each part was handmade here to look old. And it just looks wicked. By the way, the neck tag was a melted trumpet! All copper lines too. The oil tank is in the main cradle of the frame. Ivan has a gift with metal and leather. He's just a gifted s.o.b. period. Honored to be involved with him and everything we do.

 Photo set by Flying Piston / HIH

Venus took second place at the AMD Show in Milwaukee at the HD Museum in the freestyle class.
G: Yeah I knew about your 2nd prize, congrats ! Should have been 1st in my book... 
B: Thanx, we thought it was first too. But the next one will be better right ?!
G: No doubt ! Are you guys working on something in that direction ?

B: Working on a 1969 triumph t-100 Bonneville build and a 72 Ironhead. The Triumph is looking more like a Cafe type, but we will know once it is completed.

G: Good luck with that !
Just askin, have you heard about dWrenched.com ?
B: I have not. Well, I have now! Lol

G: Phew ! I though it all went popular & mainstreem and shit LOL
Basicly it's about kustom kulture, crazy bikes, cool chops & tits
B: I don't get out much, we work all the time and have a small crew.
(G: I dont get out much either ! -lol) 
B: LMAO. Addicted to what I do man, work all week, shows on the weekend.

G: So happy I caught you right on the wire B. Really appreciate you takin' the time and answering my q's man.
B: Me too man. If you ever need anyhing or questions, always feel free to contact us at any time 989-227-2453. Good luck with all of your endeavours and your dWrenched world.

     Photo set by Anthony Spinelli.

G: Same to you ! dW will be watching your progress on your future builds. And as a ps; you're shop name and logo are f'in cool !


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