Save it from it's stock-fugly-pathetic life and chop it...

   Karma, the universe or simply life (fuck if I know and care) has the tendance to bring you closer to people you have a lot of things in common with. In our case, chopping, building, destroying... in one word; dwrenching. My bud Nathan F. from Ohio comes in mind right now.

    The man has this macabre pleasure of not leaving stuff... like bikes; in their stock-ish shape. Take this '91 EX500 R Ninja Kawa for example.

Steel Frame, steel Swingarm, 75 hp's, 129 mph top speed. 300$. And Nathan went ''let's build some stupid shit out of it'' !

As you can see from the pics below, the bike suffered severe in-the-shed mods.

     And so the Busted Rubber, The Unwanted Child, was born. The engine and wheels remained (stock). Everything else got chopped or thrown away.

150$ in metal bars. A lot of work at the lathe; many spacers. A lot of effort putting everything in it's place. Making it working in the same time. Insane 60 degrees curved girder front end. Oh my !
Bronze bushings by the way. 

    The final look ?! That's ''debatable'' (fuck off). The dedication and the whole building process.... priceless. It's one thing to chop like a turd a shitty bike. It's something else to chop it using brains and making it look killer in the end !

You can check the WHOLE building process, here. Nathan, you crazy fool, I so love your work :)


  1. Thanks Friend!

    Many may not like as if I care.


    AKA CustomizeIT

  2. Cool Page Nathan, you are a man of many talents !
    -2Loose Willy-

  3. Hi Nathan,

    good to see your bike here.
    Very well done !

    Cheers, Michael


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