I really like this bike. And I'm pissed off about that...

    ''This concept machine was developed to avoid being categorized, and as such is a bike that belongs nowhere and everywhere, making it a unique motorcycle. The name (Full Moon) comes from the huge aluminum and carbon thirty-inch front wheel, which is completely visible, giving the impression of a full moon and making a huge statement of what this bike is about. Over eight hundred hours went into creating this superbly finished machine, which features an S&S Knucklehead 1.524 cc engine and two modified custom-made Akrapovič exhausts. The frame and bodywork are made entirely of sheet metal and form an extension to the exhausts.    
      The bodywork is thus part of the Akrapovič exhaust system—an integral part, in fact—and the bike itself is essentially an exhaust.'' -says this Akrapovik press release posted on Dec 6th, 2014.

    While the 30'' front end is not my favourite touch on the bike (...hello/goodbye Biker Battleground Phoenix ), there are a few features I really like about this one. Besides the engine. I really like the overall, aerodynamic look and how the whole piece is as one. It flows. Another aspect that I really enjoy is how the engine sits like a masterpiece in the (almost) center of the machine, without any distractions; you can enjoy watching it. Looks like it's floating in there...

      Full Moon was developed with ''the assistance'' of Slovenian motorcycle shop Dreamachine Motorcycles. It comes as the new showbike colaboration from their last project, Morsus (video at the bottom).

    And thus I like to see engine details, some others details I prefer to be hidden. Like bolts, nuts or cables. So the ''empty-clean'' front end and handlebars are another cool touch in my eyes. The frame is on it's own a thing of beauty and that rear seat... a smooth feather.  Although the bike was purposely built to showcast the Akrapovik exhausts, the bike looks cool. And has a lot character and personality. Not like most of the present big-wheeled bagger dinasours.
    I'd like to hear it and see it rolling though...

 Photo cred : Akrapovik  & Dreamachine Motorcycles

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