Been fascinated by board track racers lately.... 

''The 1917 Harley-Davidson Model 17-T was the Panigale of its day, it was specifically designed as a racing motorcycle by Harley-Davidson and was destined to compete on the dirt, grass and board track circuits of the era.

Each 17-T was fitted with a 1000cc V-Twin (61 cubic inch) F-Head engine and a 3-speed, sliding-gear transmission with a ‘step starter’. A year before in 1916 model had adopted a curved fuel tank design, as opposed to the flat sided tanks they’d been using previously. They’d also changed the cams from 2 lobe to 4 lobes – to modify valve timing and improve performance.

The construction of the 17-T was relatively straight forward, the frame was a single down-tube design common in the formative years of motorcycling. The bright-work on the bike was nickel-plated as opposed to chrome-plated and, as was typical of the time, the front suspension was minimal, the rear suspension and brakes didn’t exist, and mufflers hadn’t been invented yet. '' 
-says Silodrome in a post. I just loved the first sentence (kinda clever and funny) and decided to post the cool info too.

 For sale @ Deus Ex Sydney.  Photo cred, same.

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