Remember Derbidson ? No ?! Ok...

   Back in 2002 I was presenting to you fellas a very weird but cool project, called Diavola. Read about it in the archives, here. It was built by a shop in Spain, called Derbidson.

    In 2014 Debidson decided to create another 2 wheeled piece of art. Again, it's a matter of taste and a love-it-or -hate-it kinda deal.
  For the powerplant, a Citroen 2CV was chosen. Besides the fact that it's in complete contrast with the roundy and flowing feeling of the bike, I bet the 2CV engine is pretty rare too. So Citroen lovers,  eat your heart out ! The wow factor was double checked here.

  The coolish front end with hidden moving parts was also the creation of German Cornaglia, the man behind the shop's name. Frame, swing arm and cafe racer tail all handbuilt by him.

     2CV uses a centrifugal clutch off  an Suzuki Burgman 400. Painting and chroming, in house also.
The bike won 1st place at the Custom Fest in Valencia in 2014 and took the 12th place at the AMD Championship.
      When you add the total of 1800 hours of work put into it with a budget of ONLY 3000Euros... my oh my only then you take German for what he really is. An artist !!!

 photo check dw.jpg

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