Oh f@#$ ! 

   Finally a project that makes me come out from my cocoon/comfort zone and make a write up. It's cool, it's fresh and it's freaking rad !
   It's also the latest creation from the german bike builder, Uwe Ehinger of Ehinger Kraftrad. You remember the name from a ''best'' feature we did, here.

      Aaaaaaaand if you finally scrolled down after seeing all the mental work in the above photos, let's talk details. Speedster is a ''tribute bike'' to the vintage racers of the 20's. And I must say, the mix of the speedway look, combined with the bmx style and chopper attitude... dude... f#$% yeah !

   The engine is an '37 UL Flathead at birth but with some Ehinger OHV (overhead valve) surgery. That's why probably many of the guys checking it out go like ''watta...!'' .  Knucklehead heads, why the fuck not, right ?!
    Linkert 74B carb and 1' open primary drive. Wico magneto.
I get the chopper vibe from the skinny springer and from the Ehinger dogbones. And check that bicycle looking seat, built by Blechmann/Ehinger. Not to mention the ''built in'' Blechmann oil tank. Man how those fuel lines look comig out from the seat... crazy. Profi Beringer brakes front and rear..
    Tiny Blechmann gas tank to fit in the whole skinny look of the bike... The whole front plaque-fender gives away that feeling of speed and those dirt track tires push Speedster in the ''race me on the dirt track'' vibe. Cool skid plate too.  Probably the first time (ever) when I'll dig this kind of tires on a custom bike. Not that anybody cares what I think... :)
     By the way, I'm loving the short ducktail fender, also built by Blechmann/Ehinger.

     The flakey - racing paintwork was done by Schrammwerk. Must say, paint Speedster in black or any other color and it looses it's wow factor -50%. At least !
      As a compliment to the cool work we can all (?!) appreciate in these photos, the bike just took Best of Flathead Award at Born Free Show (event pics here).
  Great job Uwe, ubber fucking cool !

(Ps : Sorry for all the cursing in this article, it was well needed !)

     Photo credit : Dirk Weyer

 photo bambamdw.jpg

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