Bad to the (mothafuckin') bone...

     Wanted to feature my friend Ed Carroll's chop since like... forever.
Finally I get to do just that. Really honored to see some dWrenched love, by the way.
Asked Ed to tell us a bit about his baby:

     ''This bike has so much neat old skool shit it's hard for normal peps to take it all in. Fuck yeah I might add !
   Titled '63 xlch 900... Blew that motor up (bwahahaha ed. add). Put '69 xlch 1000 in the hardtail frame  almost 10 years ago. Let it set still a couple years ago till a buddy of mine started a small bike repair shop and I broke this fucker out. I got the girder front end from a Triumph guy in Northern Ind.''

     ''I ride this bike daily if weather and my work allows it.. Someday I will tear it down an make it a beautiful show bike... But till then ill be ridin' the fuck out of it an watchin' heads turn. 

I love ridin' it an talkin' about it !''

    1963 xlch 1000 Ironhead Sporster. 
Hardtail frame
British girder frontend
British SU carb
Kick only
Right side shift
4 speed tranny 
Z bars
Ol' skool tuck an roll solo seat 
21" front/16" rear tires (going to change the rear to bigger tire) 

 photo check dw.jpg

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