The Randy Cannarozzi ’29 Ford Roadster

Brookville body
1937 Ford Dash
1932 Ford American Stamping Rails
Original 1932 Ford K-Member
Original Model-A Ford front and rear crossmembers
4″ dropped So-Cal Speedshop axle
Split 1942-47 Ford wishbone
Hot Rod Works Quickchange with 9″ Ford axles
Late 40’s/early 50’s MG shocks on the rear, tube shocks up front
1934 Ford pedal assembly
GM steering wheel
Original Lincoln drums
1939 Ford top loader tranny
306″ (3-3/8″ by 4-1/4″) Flathead Ford

By Rex Rods
Built thread @ Jalopy Journal
Photos by Ryan @ JJ.

 photo bambamdw.jpg

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