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    ^^^Photos by 0-60 Photography

   Ok, now that you finally scrolled down to the ''words'' area I won't keep you a long time from scrolling down even further...
 Sometime in 2015 I did a huge ''Radial plane engines in the automotive circus...'' article. If you missed it, you can check it out, here. Also then I posted this photo below but with no infos... Well, we finally have more about the truck, we can see it finished and we can even hear it run !

   Long story (very) short, this is a 1939 Plymouth Pickup truck with a 7 cylinder radial Cessna engine - a Jacobs R-755-A2 with 757ci. It kicks less than 300hp. Built by Gary Corns and team for Colorado Auto & Parts.
Now enjoy the photos and videos :)

    I saved this photo below for the end because it's my favourite. I love this crazy truck... it's dWrenched (well, d'oh) , bare metal and it took what I'm assuming a ton of planning, wrenchin'  and love. 
   Well, well done mister Gary Corns and team Colorado Auto & Parts, I salute you !
(* taking off the invisible hat )

  Special thanks to my friend Jesse @ Just a Car Guy blog because he kinda made all the effort for me, this time !

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