''Beige et Brute'' ...

   What the title means (...) is exacly what we have in the above photo. You may or may not know but thanks to robust machines like the P-40 Mustang in the air and the WLA Harley Davidson & Jeep Willys on the ground, the Allies had a major advantage during the World War II.  
    And like you might anticipated, we won't be talking about the Brute Jeep Willys in this article; but about its little, funkier brother.

      Alexandre Danton is a French kustom builder who built this 1944 Jeep Willys m201
hot rod. He called it The Beige. His shop, Danton Arts Kustoms, is an old school type of shop, one with no fancy machinery or sci-fi day dreamin' technologies. Just the ''good old'' muscle and vision against metal. (Best kind imho)

   The plan was simple. The Willys was the donor car from where the chassis, most of the chopped body, radiator grille/nose and windshield were used. The same robust, nothing shinny, nothing ''extra'' principle was used for the interior. So comfort... what comfort ?! Maybe the grenade shift knob could be put in that category... :)
   The kick to the face once you get the gas pedal to the floor comes with compliments from the 350ci V8 Corvette 5L7 V8 engine. *hint - that engine equipped the Vette C3 models. Massive bull bar behind it to keep it all together.
  In the photos above you can see the rear wheels covered with fenders, I guess it's a most for the daily driving. Just goes to show that this rod is used on public roads. How often... I don't know, but I bet it's a thrill everytme !
   The Beige looks like it has a brother too, an 1950 Jeep Willys M38, In fact, Danton Arts Kustoms built some awesome rods, like a 2002 Wrangler hot rod, a Peugeot 201 hot rod also with an v8 350ci Corvette heart and even a Rolls Royce Landaulet rod !!! Check his website. I myself can't wait to see the Citroen 2CV hot rod that's under construction right now...
   Gotta hand it to him, the man has skills and imagination :)

 Photo credit: The American Life Style / Danton Arts Kustoms

Here's ''a feeling'' of one of Alexandre 's rods : 

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