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Update 3/18/2017.  Happy to say that Mike replied to my Instagramn message I sent him a week ago. Here's the info we all have been waiting for, directly from the source :)

   ''Engines are 1945's; both of them. They are super motors that I have been designing for years... And I'm hoping they'll break some records. Both motors are hooked together with what looks to be a simple primary chain. But it was a bitch to figure out because the motors need to stay in time. And as the chain stretches; the front motor advances and the rear motor retards! Both motors turn over and fire when you kick start the bike so you are kicking over BOTH motors. It's easy to start actually. It's got some compression but typically fires right up.
   Motors are blue printed and carbon copies of one another. Even the custom cams were ground at the same time.
The front motor is timed slightly advanced of the rear motor at a degree that seems to be working wonders for us. And the bike pulls like a fucking freight train. It's insane ! I couldn't be happier so far.''

   Thanks a lot Mike, I'm sure the bike will make quite an impression at Born Free and to see it on the (Bonneville) salt someday... ooooh !
Here's the rest of the original article posted a week ago, enjoy it if you haven't already !
  Gotta admit, ever since I started dWrenched, late (Sep) 2013 I had in mind all those dual, triple engine custom bikes that we all seen on the net and we been reading about in magazines... And wanted to write about them too. But you see, if/when you decide to as-I-say ''reheat the soup'' or bang your ''not-so-popular'' highschool ex girlfriend it's kinda, you know... lame. Oh wait, what was my initial idea ?! ...

   Oh yeah, the bike above... Seen it a few days ago on the Born Free Instagram and I was on the spot hooked ! Damn it, if all those past crazy dual or triple engine bikes were built when I was a spectator, then now; this, I'm posting ! Did the detective work for a ''little time'' (starting with an all-nighter, who needs sleep, right ?!) and here's what  could find so far...

    The dual flattie engines vintage racer was built by Mike Silvio and Brian Charles for this year's Born Free Show. Born Free 9 will take place 24-25th of June 2017.
Mike is the owner and operator of Cyclemos Motorcycle Museum and Cyclemos Speed Shop of Tennessee's Red Boiling Springs and Brian is a tattoo artist in Springfield.
  Don't really know how these two dudes crossed paths and honestly I don't really care. But man I'm happy they did !
  From the photos and videos looks like the 45 flatties are linked together and they both start by kick-starting the rear one. I don't have any experience with duals, so I'm in the dark here but I can only imagine the huge amount of time taken for synchronizing these old, or vintage how kids say these days, engines. Gear ratios and stuff... The suicide shifter is linked also to both so they change gears in the same time (d'oh).

   In the completed bike photos the cylinder heads look to be modified, thinner than stock. Hidden coils and batteries in the front of the extended gas tank. Cool WR style frame reinforcements and some custom exhaust mounts by Brian.
  Messaged Mike asking a few extra infos about this project the night I started chasing this awesome bike and I hope he will reply. Will update the article when he will.
 One thing is for sure, the peeps that will attend Born Free this year will have a major feast in terms of bitchin' handbuilt, custom crazy choppers and vintage bikes ! (no ad aim)
  Paint job by another BF9 builder, Jay Hart @jayhartmetal.

   Brian Charles: ''From concept to reality it started with @cyclemos crazy idea, a little sketch I cooked up and some spare frame pieces thanks @cyclemos @large_hands_grant @mikedavis70 for the opportunity to be a part of this! Time to get back to work!!!! #bf9'' 

Links & photo credit :

@Born Free 
@Mike Silvio
@Brian Charles
@swastika_yasu (riding in the 1st photo)

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