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 You don't get around bikes with three engines that often. I mean, yeas, we did find that three cylinder Shovelhead project built by Bobby Labrie ( thanks to the guys over at Iron & Air Magazine). Check that one, here. Or that dual Flathead Harley engine vintage racer built by Mike Silvio and Brian Charles for this year's Born Free Show; check it, here.
    Not to mention (...) Kiyo Mitsuhiro's incredible dual CB750; check it, here.

But a three engine bike... Now that was missing from this ''exclusive'' club's list.

   Triple Lindy is built by custom bike builder Cabana Dan Rognsvoog. He used three HD Hummer motors that are from 1948, 1949, and 1950.

    ''The term "Harley Hummer", loosely refers to all antique, Harley Davidson, American made, 2 cycle , vintage, lightweight motorcycles produced between 1948 and 1966 at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin factory. 
   However, technically speaking, the true "Harley Hummer" was only produced from 1955 until 1959, and it was a very basic, stripped down, no frills, 125cc motorcycle. It all began in 1948, when Harley-Davidson released the "Model 125" , a small, sturdy, light weight, two-stroke motorcycle, of 125 cc displacement. 
   The Model 125's design, was actually a result of the German motorcycle manufacturer DKW , whose engineering designs were forfeited to the allies, as a result of World War 2 reparations, at the conclusion of World War II. 

   Today, the term "Hummer", also seems to incorrectly include the Harley Scat, Harley Pacer, Harley Ranger, Harley Super 10, Harley 125 , and Harley 165, although the two stoke Harley Topper is excluded. In 1948, Harley introduced the Model 125. Its engine was of two stroke design, which meant the operator had to mix oil, with the gasoline. This was a first for Harley! Failure to properly mix the oil with the gas, was sure to cause engine failure!    It produced 3 horsepower, and featured a girder-type front end ,with a front suspension that consisted of large rubber bands. It was touted by Harley, to get 90 miles per gallon of gasoline!'' Thank you Harley Hummer
   So, as you can see, the ''power'' aspect wasn't the first thing that came in mind for Cabana while building Triple Lindy.

      ''You may remember the scene from Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. The scene opens as Thornton Melon climbs the ladder at the swimming pool. He bypasses two lower diving boards and gets to the top diving board. He pauses for a moment. He makes a couple armpit farts. He jumps off the diving board and does back flips, front flips, and uses every board on his way to the swimming pool below. He hits the water with a tremendous splash. Thus, the “Triple Lindy Dive” was born. Thornton wins the competition, passes the semester, and dates the teacher.
That scene inspired me to build the three-engine land-speed bike called the Triple Lindy.''

''The bike often creates interesting conversations and lots of questions. Some of the more frequently asked questions include, “How fast does it go?” The answer is I don’t know! I haven’t run it hard yet. Next, they ask, “How do you shift?” The answer is an air shifter. Finally, they ask, “How tall do you have to be to ride it?” I’m a little over 6 feet tall and fit the bike just fine.'' via Hot Bike Magazine.

    The HD Hummer's pistons, each 125cc's have had their heads modified and are linked to a Cabana custom made primary drive. Single 5 speed transmission, Mikuni carbs and a custom made three into one exhaust. The project took 8 months to complete, with some ebay parts finds, like the rear fender, sprockets and rotors. The gas tank is a Texas Choppers modified part.
     Pearl White and Mercury Red paint job was handled by Blue Moon Kustoms with pinstripes laid Calico Joe.

 As you might figure, the next step for Triple Lindy is rrracing at Bonneville. Like any other speed freak project that respects itself. For now though, I'm waiting for Mr Cabana to post a video of the bike rolling, just to hear those three Hummers working together and for the sound of it!
(Will update when/if that happens)

Sources: Hot Bike MagazineHD Forums

Photo credit @cabanadanrogns , Hot Bike,  Biltwell , Mikey Revolt / Lowbrow CustomsBuffalo Chip , All Mag.

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