...cause'  f# yeah, it's hot.

   Just found out that this ''kustomized'' 1967 C-10 Chevy  truck from the movie ''Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift'' popped up on Bay for sale. It went for 32.500$. A pretty good number for a pretty cool truck, in my own opinion. At the bottom you have a capture from the movie but honestly I can't remember the scene; they say it's from the very beginning of the movie. Maybe I'll rewatch the movie, maybe...
    Anyway, I think it's a cool simple truck with a nice paint and cool exhaust.

    ''Well here it is up for grabs one of the Fast and Furious creations commissioned by Universal Studios and built by Dennis McCarthy. The man behind the FF franchise who built nearly every picture car used by Universal in the last decade. This being a movie prop there are some things that are just for show like the 10speed tractor shifter and stacks as well as the air tanks bolted up under the bed. The good news is this beast is built with all the noise to match the look and man does it sound mean. There's a 502cu big block V8 under the hood with a factory 3 speed automatic, MSD ignition, Holley Performance 4-barrel carburetor, and Hedman headers cranking out about 490lb ft of torque. '' -eBay ad.

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