How about this Yamaha ZX 6 R chopper ?! F# yeah !

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    Built by Ryan Boehmer.

Update 24.05.18. I asked Ryan for a few words about his build... Enjoy:

  G: Hey bro, lovin your chop ! Can you please give me a few tech infos about it ?
Ryan: It’s a 2003, 636 Ninja motor in a handmade frame I built with a KX250 dirtbike front end with a KZ400 front mag wheel. Rear is a CBR600 wheel, I built everything else along with the tins.

G: Sh!t's insane, huge respect for the work you did.
Ryan : Thanks, I appreciate it! And yeah no problem. It’s a Kawasaki...

G: Bet it's bat crazy to ride it !
Ryan: It’s pretty f'in fast, it does 100 in secnd gear and it’s a 6 speed lol 

G: Thanks man, appreciate the time !
Ryan: Anytime. 

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