The Petrali/Carlheim Special. Watta masterpiece ! 

     The first time when I got in contact with Justin Walls of Built The Traditional Way craft was two years ago. He was building at that time a Born Free project also. The bridge that got us together was our mutual friend; another gearhead, Marvin Evans. The motorcycle was a beautiful 1927 Harley Davidson JD handbuilt hillclimber. This time around Justin came up with a whole different metal animal for Born Free 10. The Petrali/Carlheim Special masterpiece. Got in contact with JW and here's how everything went down, enjoy.


G: Hey Justin, good luck at Born Free man, hope you'll win! Will also post the racer at dWrenched, hope it's ok with you. I'd appreciate a few tech details about the bike, when/if you'll have some free time. Have fun !
Justin: Hey dude, sorry I didn’t get back, completely forgot about it in all the madness getting it done and out there. Appreciate all of the kind words and support ! 

 The Petrali/Carlheim Special: 
-‘48 harley UL bottom end
-Gus Carlheim OHV conversion top end
-‘61 Harley 4speed tranny
-Replica Spaghetti frame Hill climber frame, w/dimensions to fit the tall Carlheim motor
-Scissor fork racing frontend
-board track wheel/tire setup
-23.5 wheels
-28x2.25 Firestone racing tires
-harley J/JD hubs
-2” stainless exhaust
-Wico Magneto
-1.5” Riley carbs
-Hand formed aluminum tanks, fairings etc.

    I feel like I should clear this up; top bike, built in 1936 by Harley Davidson, and raced by one of the baddest dudes to ever throw his leg over a race bike, Joe Petrali. And also mine and Bobby Green's of Old Crow Speed Shop ONLY inspiration for this build.(...) 
   My main goal; build a killer bike around an amazing motor and go fast as shit on this thing once it's all done! And push myself and my skills to the limits while doing so. Literally everything has been done before. Not trying to cop anyone’s style or get cool points for building it. This bike would be built exactly how it is, internet or not, show or no show but I’m glad to be able to share it with everyone who is enjoying watching it come together. And grateful to have a killer venue to debut it to everyone in person. -Justin via Instagram.

   Justin: Fab work and frame done by me, motor rebuild by me, paint by my father Eric Walls and striping/lettering by my friend Scott Williams. Frame and frontend powder coated by Nathan Burton.
Think that covers it pretty well, I’ll add to it if I can think of anything else. Thanks again! 

G: Awesome, appreciate it Justin. Hope all the work will pay off with best of show @ Born Free and all...  And have fun in Yokohama !
J: Thanks buddy! Much appreciated, cheers!

    See the bike ''naked'' in Matt Laidlaw's video below, at minute 18:16.

Photo credit : Jordan Pay (first two photos) , BTTW and Old Crow SS and  Scott Williams.
More of the 1927 Harley Davidson JD handbuilt hillclimber, here.

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