''This was the first Hot Rod I built from the ground-up with my Dad in my parents 2-car garage. My Mom’s part-time hair salon on the right side of the garage, and my Dads 37′ Chevy parked on the other side. We built the Model A right in the middle. We documented the entier build from Day-1 on The Hamb under the “Helmuth Brothers Coupe“. It was about a 6 year build in total. I dedicated the name of the car to my Dad and Uncle. They are the main reason why my cousin and I are into this hobby.''  -John Helmuth.

     ''The body was found on the Hamb 10 minutes from my parents house from MantuaJohn. The chassis was also found on the Hamb from 1Lucky1. The fabrication was done at my parents house over the first 4 years.

The fabrication was done at my parents house over the first 4 years.'' 

    ''It’s been to the past two TROG events on the Wildwood beaches and we were invited to last years (and hopefully not THE last) Jalopyrama indoor show. At the Jalopyrama we took home “Best Hot Rod” and “Top 10” awards. It was a show I was able to experience with my family and it’s something I will never forget.

I’m already planning the next build.''

  The Helmuth Brothers 1930 Ford Coupe.

     Thank you very much to John Helmuth for giving me the opportunity of featuring his hot rod. Traditional, chopped, clean and ''simple''... beautiful.

(Minimal) sheet of specs below.
The full story of The Helmuth Coupe, via the HAMB, here.
1930 Ford Model A Coupe (Original NJ body), 4″ Chop by Jerry McCarthy, 3/4″ Channel
Paint & Bodywork by Dennis Fox
Pinstriping and Lettering on Gas Tank & Tag by “Tuki”
Chrome by DGM Chrome

350 GoodWrench 290HP SBC , Early 60’s Weiand (Say Why-And Era), Aluminum 4BBL Intake
Corvette 7-Fin Valve Covers, Geardrive Flash Chrome Headers
700R4 Transmission by Precision Transmission
Socal Speedshop 1932 Ford Step-Boxed Chassis, Socal 4″ Dropped Axle
“Narrow” Front disc brakes, Finned 11″ Rear Drums
Firestones Tires, 1940 Ford Standard Hubcaps

Upholstery by Vince Jackson, Original Model A Bench Seat / Re-foamed
1932 Ford Dashboard, Handmade 1932 Ford-Style 3-Gauge Panel by Grace & Co., Stewart Warner Gauges

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