108ci Shovelhead FXR. An interesting title, huh ? 
Not to mention the elephant in the room, the whole chopper/cafe/tracker design of the bike... Very very interesting and neat. Let's see what Kyle Rice has to say about his latest build.  

    First of all, Kyle Ray Rice is a hot rodder and fabricator from Sarasota, Florida. And basically, he builds one off motorcycles for fun.
Ok, now let's focus on ''Bad Company'', his latest custom build:

   Hey George, so a little bit about the bike. I was actually lucky enough to find the drive train at a local swap meet. The engine was built by a guy named Bob "wheeler" Stroup. It's got a 4 3/4" stroke s&s flywheel and 3 13/16 bore Trock cylinders. Delkron case and 81 heads. The heads have been milled for custom JE pistons, it has custom valves, and compression releases (originally meant to be dual plugs) and I cut the original exhaust flanges off and welded up 3 bolt STD style flanges up for it. The engine is mated to an FLH tranny (with an oil pan) and it has a 6 speed Ultima inside. The frame was a 1992 fxlr that I chopped the back half off of (doesn't need the external oil bag so figured why not (haha) and built a lightweight chromoly sub frame for with an Anti Gravity battery inside. 

   I redid the rear suspension geometry (shorted the whole rear half) and it has 14 1/4" Ohlins rear shocks. I made all hand shaped aluminum tins for it a cut a bunch of weight off the bike. I built it mostly to be a really fast street bike. It honestly feels like a massive dirt bike. 
   It's a blast to ride.

      I tried to make as much stuff as I could on this bike, but the parts I had to buy was the best stuff I could find. I've posted about the ISR hand controls, Brass Balls Cycles pegs, Boosted Brad foot controls, Ohlins shocks and how kickass all those are but I wanted to post a few photos of the overlooked but trick parts I did use.
  I had to relocate the oil filter because the exhaust now routes through it's original location, heat also being the enemy here I needed to place it where it's far away from the heat source but also it a place of airflow. Lowbrow Customs makes a really nice remote oil filter block which I welded a bracket for it to sit on my removable sub frame, and Per-Form makes a really trick filter with an aluminum sleeve that acts as a heat sink. I definitely wanted a hydraulic clutch so I converted it with a Baker Drivetrain slave cylinder side cover. 
   The Prism Supply taillights work like a champ, they're bright as hell, super clean. I just made polished aluminum brackets so they can mount where I wanted them to. Then of course the Hardcase Performance risers, Biltwell bars and The Speed Merchant preload adjusters really made the front pop.

My dad came through with the seat pad. It's not terribly uncomfortable either to be honest, then again I'm not riding this to Stugis with it haha...

    Really like ''Bad Company'' for the mix of special components like the Shovelhead engine, the FXR frame and the look choices Kyle decided to go with. Not to mention the whole list of special parts he used or the custom fab he did. It's different and not for everybody. I'm by not any means a traditional, so I enjoy and respect both worlds.
   Eat your heart out you pure FXR lovers !

   Cheers Kyle and thank you for the words.
Can't wait to see your next one...

Make sure you check Kyle's work by following him on Instagram, here.

Photo credit: Kyle / Nico VoitSouth bound and Down .

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