Asking Louis Stands of Hothead Speed Shop for a few details about his sexy lil' devil  '27 Ford Roadster, this is what he had to share:

   I wish the body could talk and could tell me about its past. It was found in Jim Lattins front yard, Jim has many records at El Mirage and Bonneville; an awesome collection. And I mean, who wouldn't want a T roadster as yard art?! But who knows the past before the weeds grew up around it.

The engine is a 63 Corvette block with camel hump Heads. 202 valves and 10:1 compression. I set it up with an offy intake, 3 rebuilt Stromberg 97s running progressive linkage.

A PowerGen Alternator gives a vintage look with an old Delco-Remy generator tag I found, a Delco distributor issues the spark with the assistance of retrofitted Pertronix internals.

   Btw, lettering and stripping on the grille insert by ''flatheadstriping''.

  ^This photo above by Trent Sherrill.

   Most recently I got to run the car 1/4 mile and it was just about to break into the 13.99 ET bracket. I had a blast racing!

 ^The photo above by Nathan Sutton.

  Thank you very much Louis for the cool words and for the help in making this feature so awesome ! 

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