Eli's '32-5 window coupe Ford hot rod.
Photo credit Ben Kahan at Four Speed Films. Thanks Ben!

Update 01.04.2018:  

   Thanks to the power of social media, after I posted a photo on my Instagram (here), the current owner of this rad jalopy was tagged and when I kindly ask him to provide some info/history, Eli provided. And then some !

   ''It was built as a hot rod in 1958/59, first with a 331 Hemi, then with a Flathesd with Hilborn injection on nitro. It went 112 mph at Colchester Conn dragway. Sold to a 13 year old on 6.10.1964 went back to a Hemi, this time a dual quad '59 Imperial 392 with a B&M Hydristick and a '57 Olds rear. Had engine/electrical problems and was put in storage in '68 and kept there until Jan 5th 2018! 50 years in storage! I put it back to its earlier Flathead version, because that is what I am into!

   That is the short version, the history that I have is actually three written pages long!

Three pics from '68 and two from the day that I found it... Janurary 8th 2018.''

    Love when stuff like this happen ! It's like all the planets have aligned or something hahaha.
Thank you very much Eli for the photos and for the awesome story !
   And thanks to Jesse Moore for tagging Eli in my post !

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