Supertuppen 1947 FL Harley Davidson Knucklehead by Vardhalla.

VARD fork by Vardhalla
.450” cam
2” intake valves
Sure-Start single fire
Linkert MR3
Magdraulic front brake

   Nicke Svensson and Brandon Casquillo are the machine shop gurus behind Vardhalla.
''Nicke machines the forks by hand out of aircraft quality materials like manganese bronze alloy, cold drawn 4130 chromoly steel and 6061 aluminium alloy. 
They are absolutely accurate reproductions od the Vard telescopic forks offered in the 1940's to Indian and Harley owners looking for something better-handling than the bouncy springers offered by the factories.'' -Greasy Kulture Magazine Issue #71.

Besides the forks, Vardhalla is also doing cam griding, dual carb Knucklehead conversions, Flathead piston cooling jet installations, Speed E Shifters and VHOD chopper frame, just to name a few!

Vardhalla Facebook / Instagram.
Thank you very much for the photos and infos guys!

Photo credit (for most of the photos) Boon Photography

   You might remember The OHVL, the methanol burning Knuck by Vardhalla I featured two years ago on dWrenched.
More of that other beauty, here.

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