Pardon me the rant that's about to unfold, but considering ''the times'' we are living, I think I can get a free pass for this one.

      Will the whole Covid-19 messing everything up through the entire world, machine events were about to suffer as any other industry. Jumping over the emotional turmoil that we are all (still) facing, there was no doubt that automotive events would eventually start to get shut down.
     Being based at this time in the Great Britain, for me it all started with Bike Shed being suspended. After that The Hook Up (Chopper Show) followed. Then it was time for the Dragstalgia. Trip Out was next... Soon enough, my packed calendar started to pop up as cancelled. So when I saw that Nostalgia Drags is being held at the legendary drag strip of Santa Pod, I jumped on the tickets like a madman.
    Simply put ''The Nostalgia Drags is one off, standalone event providing a relaxed weekend of Nostalgia Drag Racing and camping for those craving their ¼ mile fix in these uncertain times.'' (via Santa Pod). Nostalgic dragsters, hop up-s, hot rods, kustoms... the whole menu.

     For more photos from the event you can check the dWrenched Facebook page (here) or on the Santa Pod Raceway Facebook page (here).  The outcome, in the photos and video below. Hope you will enjoy it.
   Stay safe, world. And be kind.

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