From our last dWrenched, we go from Poland to... Poland. Whaaaat ?!

       I don't know how it happen... oh wait; yes I do. I randomly found on Facebook this project done by Skull Crew. The fact that they are located in Poland, just like our last crazy bike ( Coroner Hot Rod Bike, click here ) was just a coincidence.
   Despite the fact that I coulnd't find many infos about the bike and their website is no help in that matter, I decided to go on and still feature the bike. When was the last time you've seen a transversal v-twin bike, huh ? I can only remember Sir Lancelot... wrote about that crazy horse here .

     We have a crazy mix here. Of... everything. Those are some tunnig wheels (I believe), an alien gas tank, racing shock used as an rear suspension and a crazy front swing arm (?) . The engine looks to be a Harley Twin Cam with a Kuryakyn hypercharger.  While you're at it, why no throw a BMW tranny in the mix, right ?!

    The guys over at Skull Crew are basicly a paint and chop shop. And when I look at the paintjob, I know that's their strong point. Very cool, although I don't know if the Gladiator theme goes well with a transversal v twin. But I can't really think of a better combo either !

    The bike took the first place this year at the Poznań Custom Motor Show Festiwal this year. Also, it grabbed the first prize in the Freestyle category at the same event.
   I'd just love to see a video of it moving and all that...

     Skull Crew


  1. Last time I saw a transverse V-twin was ... (almost) every time I look at a Moto Guzzi.

  2. Ha ! Point taken... But we all know I was reffering to custom bikes... Id just cheat to modify the text now so 0-1 for you A, who ever you are :)


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